What if the leads you need are already in your CRM?

I can help you sell to leads who’ve been ignoring you.

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Why are your leads avoiding you?

How many emails, phone calls, ads and other sales messages have you ignored today? Your leads are in the same situation.

But no matter how immune your leads have become to what you’re sending them, there’s one group of people they’ll always want to listen to: their peers.

I help your team use this insight to get your disengaged leads back into sales conversations with you.

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Here’s what you get

For less than the cost of a typical webinar, you’ll get:

1. Renewed sales engagement with high quality leads.

2. A community of buyers who will turn to you as a solution leader, again and again.

3. Insights that your sales and marketing teams can use to generate even more leads.

I will manage and run the entire process from start to finish.

And my process is guaranteed.

Call me to learn more: 647-479-5856

I’ve been helping B2B tech companies improve their sales & marketing performance for over 15 years, and I can help your team do the same.

My clients are thrilled!

Look at these testimonials:

“Aldwin has a great and simple method for re-engaging with senior level leads in the sales funnel, highly recommended!”
Gary Lo, VP Product & Marketing, WatServ

“Our company is definitely better for having worked with Aldwin.”
Alan Carson, President, Carson Dunlop

“Aldwin delivers real value.”
Michael Morrison, CEO, Fluence Technologies

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Will it work for you? Yes.

I guarantee it. It’s that simple. We work together, following my process, and you get results.

I have the training and the expertise to help your team bring your disengaged leads back into a conversation that helps them rediscover the urgency and value in your solution.

Call me at 647-479-5856 and I can give you a step by step outline of how this process can help you close more deals faster.

Or book a time that works for you on my calendar.

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