Hi, I’m Aldwin Neekon

I help B2B companies like yours build a reliable source of leads using Google Ads.

If you’ve tried Google Ads for lead generation but it hasn’t worked for you, it might be because of a few common oversights:

1. Not enough focus on the prospect 

Some agencies forget to really deeply understand the prospect, their frustrations, their jobs to be done, and even the way they talk. All of this is step 1 for me and I use my background in product management and product marketing to get this done for you. This step is critical.

2. Not enough emphasis on landing page performance and conversion rates 

I have a master’s degree in computer engineering so the technical side of making sure your landing page is fast and converts well comes naturally.

3. Thinking the job is done when the lead fills the form 

It is frustrating when they fill a form and don’t take your follow-up call. I’ll help you with specific programs that get them onto a call with your sales team. A lead’s not really a lead until they talk to sales.

Let’s have a chat about your goals, and I’ll describe my program that reliably delivers leads into your sales process.

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