Although many of the artists whose work I use here don’t ask for credit (because the Unsplash License allows commercial use without attribution), I wanted to draw attention to the great work they produce.

Here are links to where they made their works available for use, and usually you can find a link there for getting in touch with them to work with them beyond the pieces they’ve made available for free.

The header photo is a detail of a desert photo by Jeremy Bishop. If you are looking for dark, crisp photos of sand or water, check him out.

If you’re looking for desktop clutter photos featuring organic materials like wood and paper, check out the Estee Janssens collection.

The video call picture is by Chris Monty and you can find it at While you’re there, check out his picture from the bird’s eye view of a person walking in the desert.

The picture of the stack of books on a wooden table is by Rain Bennet, here Seems he’s an Emmy nominated filmmaker. I’m going to check out his books.

The multi-coloured bookcase picture is by Maxence Pira. Find it here He has a few other colour-patterned photos you might like.

The dog with a stick is by Jamie Street on And if you like that cute doggie, he features in a lot more pictures on Jamie’s unsplash page.

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