Does it also work for startups?

The fastest path to unique customer insights

I’ve got some good news for you if you’re at a startup and want to push customer insights into every corner of your company.

You can get a ton of insights first-hand from your target market (no analyst reports or expert opinions) by hosting a roundtable conversation among your buyers and users.

They don’t have to be customers. Leads work just as well.

Get them around a virtual table, get them talking to each other about the problems you want to solve, and most importantly, say nothing.

It’s by far the most cost-effective way to get customer insights, direct from your target market, in their own words.

Not only that, but there’s a difference between the measured words they use when talking to a vendor, and the way they talk to one another.

That’s where you get the insights your competitors don’t have access to.

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