The sweet sound of silence

Here are a couple of reasons why you should be silent during the peer conversations you set up for your stuck leads and customers:

1. When you say nothing and listen, you learn more. You’re hearing them speak to their peers. This stuff is gold.

2. Because they value the peer-conversation experience you’re providing them in this peer conversation, they start to value you and your company more than before. Trust you even. But when you speak, they’re not having a peer conversation anymore. Get out of the way.

You get a room full of people, all of whom have the same problem, which is a problem you can solve for them, and you get to listen to them share all kinds of valuable details about their experience in trying to solve that problem, and also they now know and like you more than they did before.

You can make that work for you, right?

But there’s one more thing to consider and this puts the whole thing on a rocketship to the moon.

I’ll talk about that one simple change in my next post.

If you’re impatient, leave a comment below or DM me and I’ll tell you before I publish that post.

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