Take your leads from cold to gold with the Essential Guide to Selling to Lost and Disengaged Leads

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Essential Guide: From Lost Leads to New Customers

What’s the Essential Guide to closing lost leads about?

You probably have hundreds, maybe thousands, of high quality leads in your CRM who are doing absolutely nothing for you.

They’re not opening emails, attending webinars, downloading pdfs, returning phone calls, nothing.

At some point, they were interested. They did all those things. They maybe even got on a discovery call with you. They’re well-qualified. They might even fit your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) perfectly.

But now, they’ve disengaged. They’re silent leads, lost leads, disinterested and gone cold.

This guide is about how to recognize the enormous potential of those leads, get them re-engaged with your team, and turn them into customers.

Although it’s not the only tool at our disposal, the main tool we’ll use to re-engage lost leads is a peer-to-peer event we call a Buyer Roundtable.

The idea is simple:

You invite a small groups of high quality lost leads to an Buyer Roundtable event, where they have a conversation with one another about a problem that’s important to them, and which you solve.

You say “Welcome”, “Thank You”, and hardly anything else.

And then you watch as previously disengaged leads start selling one another on this problem, and reaching out to you to help them solve it.

Download the guide to see how

We’ll cover:

  1. Do you really have a lost lead problem?
  2. Symptoms of failed lead generation
  3. How much value is locked in your CRM?
  4. What if your lost leads are worth losing?
  5. Why are your lost leads disengage?
  6. How to re-engage lost leads, including some alternatives to a Buyer Roundtable
  7. The power of peer conversations
  8. Your role, and your results
  9. Putting it all together
  10. What to do next

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Frequently Asked Questions about Lost Leads

What are lost leads?

First things first. By lost leads I mean leads who were engaged with you but have gone silent.

How can I engage lost leads and get them to start communicating with my sales team again?

That’s the neat part: you don’t.

What you want is to get them engaged with the problem again. Until they’ve done that there’s no reason for them to talk to you.

Imagine you’re driving your car down the highway and your car is making no strange noises at all. Do you immediately think “I should talk to my mechanic”? No, probably not. You don’t have a problem.

Now what if your car is making a funny squealing noise. But you’re busy driving as safely as you can to the airport so you don’t miss your flight. Is talking to your mechanic top of mind? Again no. You have a problem but it’s not your focus right now.

Get your lost leads to focus on the problem first before asking them to focus on you.

How do you convert lost leads?

We go into this in a lot more detail in the Essential Guide. The first step is to get them re-engaged with the problem, which they are more likely to do if you aren’t the one leading the conversation.

People are busy and unless they have a need, they don’t think of vendors like you and me as essential conversation.

But you know who they always want to hear from? Their peers.

Get them talking to their peers about the problem and sooner than you think they’ll seek out conversations with your sales team.

The rest of the sales process is something you’re already great at.

How can I win back leads who have become disinterested in my brand and convince them to choose my company?

We can simplify this into a three step process here, but the Essential Guide goes into more detail:

1. Get their attention by offering them something they already want. Hint: your solution is not what they already want. If it were, they would already be talking to you.

2. Get them to re-engage with the problem, not with you.

3. Be ready when they turn to you to help them solve the problem they’re now re-engaged with.

More details are in the Essential Guide. Download it today.

Connect with me on LinkedIn for more about this topic and to ask any questions about if this approach could work for you.

“Take your leads from cold to gold”™ Inquisitive Marketer Inc.

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