Go back to the silent leads in your CRM.

You’ve spent a lot of money generating, nurturing, and having meetings with leads, just to have them suddenly go silent.

Now you have a problem with your pipeline. Your team’s still optimistic, but you know they’re at risk of missing their numbers.

No problem, you can just generate more leads.

Think twice.

If you’re in B2B you don’t have billions of potential customers. It’s more like thousands. For one of my clients, it was just a few hundred companies globally that they could sell to.

Maybe your target market isn’t that small. But if your marketing team has been at it for a while, they’ve already generated the easy leads.

Each additional lead is harder and more expensive to get.

So if over-relying on lead generation is a mistake, what’s the solution?

Go back to the silent leads in your CRM.

But instead of another follow-up call or another nurture email, offer them something that:

1. They really value
2. They’re not offered by anyone else

What checks both of these?

Anything that you have exclusive access to that tells them about themselves and their peers.

Not about you.

About them and their peers.

What does your company have that can tell your leads more about themselves and their peers?

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