Google Ads Coaching for marketing managers who’ve just about had it with Google’s nonsense

The wasted money I saw during a B2B lead gen Google Ads account review I did today was 100% completely avoidable. And it wasn’t the marketer’s fault. It’s a design issue which I’ll explain in a bit.

But a little bit of Google Ads coaching would have prevented it.

This person, let’s call her Jen because privacy is under-rated, booked time on my Calendly saying she’s the marketing manager for a B2B IT services company. I got on the call, and Jen said her team was under a lot of pressure to generate leads but nothing they’d done so far had helped.

She asked me to look at what they’d been doing and tell them how to start generating the leads they were under pressure to deliver.

Jen had run some Google Search ads and a few LinkedIn ads and the results were so bad she was worried her boss would pull the plug on the whole project.

I asked her to share her screen and take me through her Google Ads setup.

The Google Ads “cash burning” settings were on

If you’ve worked with Google Search Ads for lead generation then you already know where I’m going with this. I talk about it a lot. Everywhere. Here’s one of my comments from two days ago on LinkedIn.

Google Ads Coaching can avoid simple setup mistakes for B2B lead generation

The campaigns Jen was running were failing because she had followed all of Google’s recommendations.

But what she wound up with was basically an e-commerce campaign, which is exactly the wrong thing for what her business needs to generate leads.

And that, is superduper frustrating.

Could Google Ads Coaching (by me, naturally) have avoided this mess?

I’m not bragging, but yes.

Seriously, Google’s ad setup process is geared toward getting your marketing manager to opt into all kinds of things that are not what’s needed to generate leads and in fact make it harder to generate leads.

But that wasn’t even Jen’s biggest issue

When I had her scroll through the account overview, I noticed a healthy number of conversions, so I said “Well that doesn’t look bad. Some of the settings are wrong but you still got a bunch of leads”

Jen: “Where are they though??!!”

And it became clear that conversions hadn’t been set up right either.

I’m not blaming Jen. She’s a thoughtful marketer. She just didn’t know the pitfalls to avoid.

A little bit of Google Ads coaching would have avoided all the time, money, frustration, and loss of confidence that she had to go through.

More about that in a bit, but first a quick aside about conversions and why they can trip you up.

Aside: What’s a Google Ads Conversion anyway?

This is an area where a little bit of coaching now can save you a lot of trouble later on.

It’s a problem area because the word “conversions” can mean different things to different people. To your marketing manager, a conversion means a lead. Logical, right?

But to Google, a conversion is any event that you tell it is a conversion.

Someone called you? That can be a conversion.

Someone visited a page on your site? Conversion.

Someone clicked your ad? OK, sure, also a conversion.

If you don’t set it up properly, you get a situation like Joe did where Google Ads shows you got a ton of conversions but you still have zero leads.

And even worse, each conversion event trains Google Ads that it’s doing a great job.

Google Ads can be a bit like a dog chasing a stick. If you haven’t trained it to bring back only the stick you threw, who knows what it will bring back to you? And whatever it brings back, it’ll think to itself “Who’s a good boy? I am! Look at all these sticks!!”

Who's a good boy? Google's a good boy.
Who’s a good boy? Google’s a good boy.

OK, back to the Google Ads coaching conversation already in progress

What a Google Ads coach can and can’t do

I spoke with one of the founders of Jen’s company and everybody’s looking forward to me coaching her on her Google Ads setup. It might be easier for us to just start fresh with brand new campaigns.

By the end of the first week I guarantee her campaigns are going to be in much better shape and on the road to generating the B2B leads her team has been pressuring her to produce.

What Google Ads coaching can’t do is fix a broken product, or a mis-aligned target market, or a lack of deep customer insights, which are all essential to having not just a successful Google Ads lead gen campaign, but a successful business.

So if you are looking for a Google Ads Coach with over a decade of B2B lead generation experience who, is easy to work with, has a background in product marketing and can help you get those crucial marketing elements in place before you get started, get in touch.

Google Ads Search Certification logo
Google Ads Search Certified

“Aldwin has dramatically increased our number of leads. He has also paid attention to converting the leads to sales. Our company is definitely better for having worked with Aldwin.”

Alan Carson, CEO, Carson Dunlop

Get Google Ads Search Certified Yourself

Speaking of Google Ads Search certification, you should try getting that for yourself. It’s not very difficult and you’ll learn a lot about how Google wants you to run ads, which in the end may not be how you’ll need to run ads, but it’s excellent background.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can a Google Adwords coach save me money and start getting me better leads?

First things first, Google changed the name of their advertising product from Google Adwords to simply Google Ads. But I get it you’re running ads and you need help getting leads.

The first place where mistakes cost a lot of money is right at the start, when the account and campaigns are being set up. I can help your marketing manager avoid the pitfalls and set up your campaigns for success.

But avoiding mistakes doesn’t guarantee success. Google Ads is a learning machine. Which means it needs to be continually trained with data.

The way you set up and operate and adjust your campaigns generates this data. I will show your team how to do this so that with each passing day Google Ads learns how to deliver more of the leads you want and fewer results you don’t want.

What kind of training can a Google Ads coach provide to my marketing manager?

An attentive marketing manager will learn a lot about how to set up and use Google Ads for lead generation by working with a qualified coach.

The benefits to your business don’t stop at the ad campaign. Your staff will enhance their lead generation skills in general when they work with me.

How long will my team need to work with a Google Ads coach?

Most companies can expect to see improvements in their account setup within a few days to weeks, but should continue working with whoever is coaching Google Ads staff until they’re certain that their staff have acquired the experience to successfully run the campaigns on their own.

If you’re asking how long until you get high quality leads, that answer will become clearer after we’ve done an detailed review of your account and of your business, marketing, and sales goals and capabilities.

What does the Google Ads coaching process look like?

Typically I begin with a review of your business, marketing, and sales goals and capabilities so I’m very clear on who you serve, the problems you solve, your unique point of view, your target market, your ideal customer profile, and your competitive landscape.

Then I’ll begin a review of your Google Ads B2B lead generation campaigns and talk with you about what has frustrated you about their performance. Our overall goal is to improve how you use google ads for B2B lead generation.

At this point the coaching can begin and will consist of
– regularly scheduled periods of coaching,
– mission assignments, and
– review
repeated on a weekly basis. You will get weekly progress reports.

Can a Google Ads coach guarantee better quality leads?

A good lead generation coach (whether they’re doing Google Ads Coaching or LinkedIn coaching, or something else) should be able to help you figure out if Google Ads is really the right platform for you to achieve your goals.

It might not be the best platform for you, or more likely, you might need to reach your audience across a variety of paid and non-paid platforms.

If your audience isn’t searching for what you provide with the kind of frequency that will allow you to reach them through Google Ads, there are other options available to you. A good coach will go through these with you to get you started with lead generation work that is most likely to get you the results you need.

If you’re beyond annoyed with a lack of results and don’t mind me taking a quick look at your Google Ads account on a screen share, like I did with Jen’s, give me a shout. I’ll be happy to hear from you:

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