The Art of Cultivating Connections: Mastering Lead Nurturing and Follow-up for Lasting Relationships

Your nurturing doesn’t work because you’re doing it right.

Just like everyone else.

You are tailoring content based on your leads’ goals and pains. So is everyone else.

You are targeting your ideal customer profile throughout their buying journey. So is everyone else.

You are following up in a timely and consistent way. So is everyone else.

And there are a lot of “everyone elses” out there.

You and everyone else are providing high value, highly targeted, timely and consistent outreach and frankly, it’s a bit too much.

Your leads have gotten used to it.

They know that the good information you provide is there when they need it.

Once in a while they dip in, binge on it, then go away.

But why do they go away? Because consuming information is hard work, and we all avoid hard work if it’s not necessary.

Unless solving the problem you help with is necessary, your lead will stop engaging with your content the moment they feel that they have a good handle on what you do and how you do it.

They’ll file it away in the back of their mind in case they need it some day.

You’re left waiting for them to remember you when they finally need to take action.

And that’s uncomfortable. Just waiting. That’s not what you’re paid to do. That’s not who you are. You’re a person of action. You take charge.

You keep sending them more messages that are meant to convince them to do something (just like everyone else).

But they’ve already checked out. They’re not tuned into you anymore. So although you have some success in catching their attention and getting them to finally do something, it doesn’t work as often as you’d like it to.

Here’s a trick that might work for you:

Find out what they are still tuned into

Maybe it’s an industry publication.

Maybe it’s a semi-celebrity expert in their field.

Maybe it’s their peers.

Find out who they’re still tuned into and figure out how to get your message to your leads, through the people they still seek out and listen to.

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