There is no pressure, only value.

I’ve hosted Executive Roundtables for years, and they consistently produce results.

The companies I work with are B2B tech companies that want to engage their senior executive prospects more deeply.

The problem is, their prospects have stopped responding to the automated emails, pdfs, surveys, and phone calls they receive from them.

To get past this problem, I organize a Roundtable and let prospects discuss a tough problem they’re trying to solve with each other.

I tell my client to say as little as possible.

While my client simply listens, I moderate the conversation so that the attendees can have open conversations.

Following the session, the attendees tell me they have a much better understanding of the problem and their peers’ solutions.

Almost always, my clients get sales meetings with the leads to discuss problems that the leads identified on their own.

There is no pressure, only value.

More problems are solved, more customers are signed. It’s amazing.

Call me if you want to try it out: 647-479-5856.

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