When prospects stop opening your emails

My clients have been hosting Executive Roundtables for years, and they constantly deliver results.

My clients are B2B tech companies who want to engage their senior executive prospects more deeply.

But their prospects have stopped responding to yet another automated email, pdf, survey, and phone call.

So I organize an Executive Roundtable where prospects get to talk to other prospects about a tough problem they’re trying to solve.

Of course they don’t think of themselves as prospects.

They’re tech executives talking to other tech executives about a problem that’s important to them. I moderate the conversation.

Ideally, my client, who is the vendor, says nothing at all.

The executives who attend love it and come back again and again.

An amazingly high number of them become customers.

If you have some leads stuck mid-funnel, not responding to your emails and calls, and you want to help them really get engaged about a problem you can solve, let me know.

I’ll tell you how to do it.

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