When SEO Breaks the Internet

I don’t do a lot of SEO work anymore. I refer the work to a competent agency my clients have said they’re happy with. (Ask me if you want an intro).

But I do look at websites through an SEO lens because it’s an undeniable part of the digital marketing mix.

And it’s obvious that SEO has broken the internet when a reputable website uses phrases like this one:

“If you’re looking for kitchen stores near me, then let us show you great kitchen accessories and equipment at our kitchen store in the Toronto area.”

The people at the site aren’t trying to be weird, but they probably feel like they have no choice.

They probably feel that they either stuff their copy with this kind of SEO-focused nonsense or see their competitors pull ahead of them.

And that’s a shame.

Because although it probably makes it easy for people to find their site, it makes it very hard for people to read their site.

Over the years I’ve always stuck with the principle that you should write for people, and let the search engine algorithms catch up with you.

It seems like they still have some catching up to do.

Anyway, if you want a referral to a good group of SEO people who can help you rank without this kind of thing let me know.

Or should I say if you’re looking for “SEO agency in my area” that provides the “Best SEO agency” service with “reasonably priced SEO services”, let me know. 😉

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