Your silent leads might just be bored

How many leads do you have languishing in your CRM?

These are people who were once interested enough in your offerings to raise their hand for more information.

But over time they stopped responding.

I imagine you yourself are in that position in the CRMs of a bunch of vendors.

Is that because you fully understood their offerings and have decided you don’t need what they have?

Or did you get tired of reading basically the same old thing from them, dressed up in different formats?

Now it’s an email, now it’s a pdf, now it’s an infographic.

One of my clients had hundreds of qualified leads who had gone completely silent.

We tried an experiment to see if the leads were really disengaged or just bored.

We invited a small group to a virtual roundtable conversation with one another.

Turns out, they’d just been bored because these same leads who had gone silent for months suddenly signed up for the roundtable.

They attended the roundtable and spoke at length about the same kinds of problems that my client solves.

They instantly went into community-building mode and started suggesting helpful solutions and resources to one another.

All on a 1 hour virtual roundtable call.

And nearly 20% of them signed up for follow-up calls with my client’s sales and tech teams.

How many good quality leads have you invested time and energy into only to have them go silent?

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