The Inquisitive Marketer Website Has Moved Here!

By Aldwin Neekon

For over a decade I ran the Inquisitive Marketer website at

But if you went there now, you’d wind up back here at

Curious about the change?

Well first of all, my company is still Inquisitive Marketer Inc. which owns and operates People still get the same marketing help, but now with my name on it.

So nothing has changed there.

And when you and I get to work together to solve your marketing problems, you’re still working with Inquisitive Marketer Inc. so that also hasn’t changed. Same for anything for clients or customers.

Why did you shut down the Inquisitive Marketer site, you ask?

The short story is I didn’t shut it down. I just redirected it here. It’s still there, and I’m still paying for the SSL certificate. But if you want the longer story, here it is.

As so often happens, I had been so busy taking care of my clients’ marketing projects that I had neglected my own website for so long.


Last year I decided to rebrand my website

But as I started working on it I realized a fresh start would be exactly what I needed. Originally I had wanted to keep it at the old URL, which I won’t link here because it will just bring you back to this site.

But then as I started talking with people who I’d worked with one of them asked a curious questions:

Who do people refer to their friends and colleagues when they recommend your work, Aldwin? Do past clients and customers recommend your company or do they recommend you?

I said they recommend me, and for now it makes sense to make it easier for people to find what they want. If they’re looking Aldwin Neekon, this site will make it easier for them to find me.

The new home of Inquisitive Marketer Inc.

So I launched this site with my name on the billboard and redirected all of the old site’s pages here.

If for some reason you’re really partial to the old site, you might be happy to learn that I’ve also started to re-publish some of the more popular posts over here.

There will be some old articles that didn’t make the trip over yet and if you’re ever looking for any of them, please just let me know. I’ll be happy to find them and send them to you.

You can find the most popular posts by searching for The Inquisitive Marketer Archives in the search box at the bottom of this post.

Keep the conversation going

As always, feel free to contact me here or connect with me on LinkedIn.

Aldwin Neekon at Inquisitive Marketer Inc.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Is the Inquisitive Marketer Website Gone?

No, it’s just forwarded to this one for now. I’m one guy and supporting two websites on top of client work was a bit much.

Has the Inquisitive Marketer company changed?

No. When we work together the fine print will say you’re really working with Inquisitive Marketer Inc.

What happened to all the posts on the old site?

A lot of the more popular ones got moved here, but if you’re looking for something and can’t find it, let me know.
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